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7 Right Steps to Prepare to Trade the News Event

7 Right Steps to Prepare to Trade the News Event

1. Make sure that you have passed our school to the end

The forex school consists of three modules, all of them must be active in your office on the site:

Training course. Module number 1 [Theory]

Training course. Module number 2 [Algorithmic trading]

Training course. Module number 3 [Practical]

This can be somewhat difficult if you are a lazy person since you will have to read dozens of pages of recommendations, experiences, and instructions. But, of course, we tried to dilute the text with interesting examples that really happened and are happening on the market, but you also need to make some effort for your part.

2. Go to the indicator page before trading

Each planned trade signal from the calendar is an economic indicator that causes the market reaction under certain conditions.

Go to the indicator page before trading (link from the calendar) to get acquainted with its features - this information is extremely useful, and at some point, it can help you avoid surprises and increase your efficiency.

3. Read the weekly review

Every Friday/Saturday we publish a weekly review in our blog, which includes a description of the current fundamental background, a report on the transmitted signals, as well as our expectations from the publications of the upcoming week.

This summarised information will allow you to get the maximum amount of knowledge before trading in the shortest possible time and will help you to understand what type of signal is preferable to receive at the moment (what can be stronger now to buy or to sell?).

4. Pay attention to messages in the autoclick

The administration often sends additional messages directly in the autoclick. Read them, these two or three sentences remind you of the main feature of the current trading event.

5. Correctly choose the trigger

Do not try to get a signal at any cost, try to understand which trigger is currently the most promising and which one can be quite dangerous.

It's good that we trade with you and send all the information for you in: the description of the indicator, messages of the autoclick, and weekly reports.

If you do not know what a "trigger" is, make sure that you have passed all modules of our school.

6. Watch the trading pair before the release

We have examined this issue in detail in our school, but we will once again draw your attention to this aspect in just a few words: the more quietly the couple behave before the important release, the stronger will be its reaction to its publication, and vice versa ... if you observed a sharp movement of the pair before publication, apparently the fuel has already been consumed by the market and it is unclear whether this impulse will gain liquidity at the time of publication.

7. Use several brokers at the same time

Brokers can resist your success (their defeat). A good habit will be the use of several brokers at the same time, all the more so, because any activation package of the autoclick allows it (several marks are used for one trigger).


The main idea of this note is that you understand what exactly is happening and can happen at the time of the release of important economic indicators. 

And for this: always go to the page of the planned event before the publication, read weekly reports and follow the comments in the autoclick. If you can complete a school of study, consider this is half of your success.