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Four rate increases in 2018

That's Thanksgiving on the horizon, and experts are already talking louder about the Fed's actions in 2018, so Goldman Sachs were the first ones who have sounded and "anticipated" four rate increases next year. Black Friday this week ...

Currencies wandered in the collars

We have not had a whole week without signals for a long time but we used this period of the weak calendar with benefit and carried out a number of updates of the autoclick as well as our Flashnewstrader platform. In addition, a number of noteworthy publications of economic indicators will appear on Tuesday, and the main focus would be on Wednesday and Thursday ...

Canadian dollar falls by 100 points

The Bank of Canada stepped aside and promised to return after observing economic statistics, so: retail sales and the consumer price index published on Friday seem to have pecked up all the crumbs that were supposed to help the regulator return to the path of tightening monetary policy.

Hurricane on dollar quotes

It would seem that the week on Friday should have been boring, but dollar sales on the weak USA consumer price index indicators breathed life into quotes: inflation continues to decline, and the question of what will happen with the Fed's interest rate after the December FOMC meeting is getting sharper and sharper ...

Non-Farm shocked a lot of people this Friday

We promised a surprise in October and it seems it has taken place: despite a significant reduction in the number of people employed for the past month according to NFP (-113K), the dollar, on the contrary, increased, and the reason for this was the conflict with the dynamics of wages, and not only for this reason ...

October actively starts on Monday

September gave us a wonderful trading for the unexpected increase in the interest rate of the Bank of Canada. What kind of a trump card did October prepare for us? How will North Korea hold the anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party, will the tax reform project in the US go beyond the Republicans, what will the third quarter GDP indicators be for key players, and will the Bank of England give us another “surprise” this year. The tenth month of this year, perhaps, will be holding our attention constantly.

The Bank of Canada not only increased the rate, but also reserved to itself the opportunity to do it again

An unexpected increase in the interest rate of the Bank of Canada came as a surprise of this week. This surprise is not only “weekly”, but also easily seems like the “event of the year”. Mario Draghi also noted, not keeping his promise - the discussion of the reduction of QE in September did not take place and it was postponed to October. The dollar remained subject to a “weather forecast”, then to a “political talk show.”

Non-Farm Payrolls will make additional fuss about the FOMC

The last week of the month, traditionally boring, will be replaced by the active beginning of August: Non-Farm Payrolls and others are on the horizon ... The dollar continues to remain under political influence, Canada raised the rate, and Australia knew less inflation.

Global sentiments to tighten policy don’t meet the global inflation rates

The market got an extra dose of “misunderstandings”. While a number of interest rate increases by the key Central banks are expected, the inflation, necessary to stimulate consumer expenditures, is still chilling out in the shadow of a hot summer. So, NZD and GBP experienced special shocks, their data turned out to be worse than forecasts. The dollar remained in the shadow of politics, and the biggest volatility was brought to the market by Mario Draghi. Don’t wait for tightening from the ECB until late autumn.