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Four rate increases in 2018

That's Thanksgiving on the horizon, and experts are already talking louder about the Fed's actions in 2018, so Goldman Sachs were the first ones who have sounded and "anticipated" four rate increases next year. Black Friday this week ...

Currencies wandered in the collars

We have not had a whole week without signals for a long time but we used this period of the weak calendar with benefit and carried out a number of updates of the autoclick as well as our Flashnewstrader platform. In addition, a number of noteworthy publications of economic indicators will appear on Tuesday, and the main focus would be on Wednesday and Thursday ...

Canadian dollar falls by 100 points

The Bank of Canada stepped aside and promised to return after observing economic statistics, so: retail sales and the consumer price index published on Friday seem to have pecked up all the crumbs that were supposed to help the regulator return to the path of tightening monetary policy.

Hurricane on dollar quotes

It would seem that the week on Friday should have been boring, but dollar sales on the weak USA consumer price index indicators breathed life into quotes: inflation continues to decline, and the question of what will happen with the Fed's interest rate after the December FOMC meeting is getting sharper and sharper ...