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Gas is back!

Weekly report of transmitted signals on 16-20 of April 2018

It’s back! The Trading season is officially opened! The hot weather out of the window, so the Gas Storage are going to grow.

Bank of England has acquired itself with two voters for the rate increase

A busy penultimate week of March made a number of key adjustments in the expectations of the markets. Basically, they are all somehow connected with the rate of change in the monetary policy of key financial regulators. The Fed raised the interest rate. The Bank of England acquired two optimists in the MPC committee. The ECB decided to join the trend of tightening the monetary policy. The Canadian dollar unexpectedly rose by a hundred points on inflation data ...

The first Jerome Powell’s meeting on Wednesday

The market has digested the Fed's interest rate increase this Wednesday, but at the same time, it is most interested in the first press conference of the new US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The EU and the UK seem to have agreed to a GBP increase by 150 points this Monday ...

Why GBP grew by 100 points at a constant interest rate

Most probably, the growth of the pound was the most amazing action this week, with constant parameters of a quantitative expectation on the part of analysts: the interest rate was not changed. But, not everything went as predicted: the Bank of England set about preparing the ground for further interest rate increase. Not by pound alone, EURNOK can also compete with surprises of this week.

Goodbye Yellen!

On Wednesday, there was a FOMC's meeting, which was headed by Janet Yellen for the last time. Probably, it is for the first time that the tradition is broken in history and the head of the Federal Reserve does not go for a second term. Apparently the positive Non-Farm of this Friday decided to "calmly" say goodbye to its main "guardian" ...

All three Central Banks confirmed their expectations, only Poloz made some rustle

Christmas and New Year are approaching on the calendar, which significantly affected the frequency of important publications this week: they were moved together more densely (which positively affected the number of trading signals). Despite the dominance of the Central Banks, holding a meeting, only Stephen Poloz managed to achieve a real movement in the quotations of its currency.

The Last FEDi

The conflict prevention system saves from damages this Friday by a Non-Farm Payrolls publication. On Wednesday, the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve will take place and, according to market expectations, the interest rate will be raised to 1.5% (+ 0.25%). What to do in this case, how to behave? In addition, we counted 7 more indicators, which definitely should not be missed. The schedule is dense: Christmas huddles the calendar for the next two weeks.