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Answers to the most frequent questions we receive from our fellow traders. If you do not find the answer to your particular question, you can always ask it directly. Use the request form, chat or ticket system of our support team.

General Questions

This is a software, an economic news trading signals generator. It consists of a server’s and a client’s part (autoclick). The program server receives statistics from news providers, generates a signal, and sends it to the client application, which in turn can open a transaction in the trading terminal. All occurs automatically, but we recommend being present at the time of trading.
It works on any trading platform where there are "Buy" and "Sell" buttons and you can enter the market with a single click (but you can also set up several clicks). The client autoclick interacts with the platforms according to the principle of coordinates: you just specify the coordinates of the "Buy" and "Sell" buttons, and the software, upon the signal from the server, instantly presses the "Buy" and "Sell" buttons, respectively.
In any market that reacts to the publication of important economic indicators, for example, in Non-Farm Payrolls. This can be Forex, Futures or Options.
The algorithm itself is as old as the World. Each economic indicator has a forecast indicator (for example, it is expected that the USA GDP will increase by 2%), the market takes it into account in its prices even before the indicator/news is published. But when the publication takes place, it often turns out that the analysts were mistaken (in fact GDP was 2.2%), respectively, the error in forecasts is + 0.2%, which is positive in our example for the dollar. And since it is a surprise, the dollar will grow at the same minute, but you will already be in the market for a "buy".
The trigger is the difference between the actual data of the news and its forecast. Trigger is a mistake in the analysts’ forecasts, in which, presumably, there will be a strong directional movement of the trading pair. The trigger is the deviation of the fact of the news from the forecast. Our administrators independently determine the range of the triggers based on statistics, the current market situation, the position of the pair, liquidity and other factors that may be individual for each release. Triggers are entered by the administration on the server and are available for viewing by traders in the client application.