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Forex VPS

Forex VPS and your trading

Your goal is to stay online 24 hours a day and also get the shortest way to execute the order from you to the broker. Your decision is to use a dedicated virtual trading server, in other words, Forex VPS.

You can use the VPS server to achieve the maximum speed of your news software: make ping zero (0ms) and get the most accessible speed of receipt of trading signals. The rest of the traders are your competitors, who can full up the brokers’ channels with their requests, so why should we give them a head start? Be the first!


The use of VPS is recommended in cases where:

  • There are permanently broken connections to the server
  • The quality of your Internet channel is not satisfactory
  • Geographically, you are at a significant distance from the autoclick server and the broker server
  • Your ping with an autoclick server is above 15ms
  • You want to increase your chance of a successful market entry

When choosing a VPS, you should first orient yourself in (listed in order of importance):

  • Server location (London or New York (Wall Street) is required)
  • Communication channel must have a connection with Equinix networks (80% of brokers sit in these networks)
  • Use only SSD drives
  • Make sure that the server resources are permanent and assigned to you

In addition, the trading server will meet your basic requirements, if you use not only news trading, but also additional opportunities:

  • You can have a constantly open set of working terminals (the server works around the clock), which is impossible to perform on a home PC.
  • Electricity or communication interruptions are no longer a threat to your trading
  • Working terminals do not prevent you from using your PC for its "home" purpose, keep watching movies, playing, using the browser, reading, etc.
  • No one will accidentally close your terminals (for example, relatives living with you). In addition, only you have access to the terminals since the connection to the server is password protected.

It is important to note that for correct trading all terminals must be installed on the VPS, and an autoclick must be also installed on the server. All work is carried out on the server, without the participation of a home computer. The home computer is used only to connect the server. Working on VPS is no different from working on a local PC, you can install broker terminals, downloading them from the dealing sites.


We tried many different services and chose Chocoping.com, our autoclick servers are placed on the servers of this hosting. We recommend them.