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Gas is back!

Gas is back!

Weekly report of transmitted signals on 16-20 of April 2018

Tuesday, 17.04.2018

Sell 1 on UK Average Earnings [in. bonus] [3m/y]

The deviation between actual and prognosis figures is -0.2% which caused the "Sell 1" trading signal by the first trigger configured inside the autoclick Fxnewskiller.

GBP reacted slowly but in the long range.

The GBP is still popular to buy, but, opposite to sentiments, the GBPUSD fell by 70 pips after job data released.

Market think that Bank of England will hike the rate later this May.

Wednesday, 18.04.2018

Sell 2 on UK CPI [y/y]

UK CPI [y/y]       2.5% (-0.2%)      2.7 %

UK CPI - Core [y/y]          2.3% (-0.2%)      2.5 %

UK CPI [m/m]    0.1% (-0.2%)      0.3 %

UK inflation data were much lower than the BoE's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) expected, "greatly undermining the case for a May rate hike."

The chance to hiking interest rate next month are dropped and Market are worried about. The potential May rate hike from the Bank of England is being questioned and give s great additionally opportunities to trade the Interest Rate of BoE next month. Don’t miss it!

Thursday, 19.04.2018

Buy 1 on NZ CPI [q/q]

NZ CPI [q/q]       0.5%(+0.1%)      0.4 %     0.1%

NZ CPI [y/y]       1.1%      1.1 %

As we warned inside the Fxnewskiller app messages – for better performance on the lowest deviation +/-0.1% we need to see confirmation from the yearly figures – it’s didn’t come this time. Quarterly numbers are better forecast +0.1%, but the yearly version as expected. So we have a low reaction on the pair NZDUSD.

Buy 1 on US EIA Natural Gas Storage Change

US EIA Natural Gas Storage Change TC   -36 (-10)              -26

It’s back! The Trading season is officially opened! The hot weather out of the window, so the Gas Storage are going to grow. When it’s positive number of the storages – you can trade it well, and the more good news – GAS is scheduled weekly. But you need to find out more about NG spread meaning, this info can be found on the GAS indicator page.

If you have a screenshot - please, upload!

Friday, 20.04.2018

Good surprise from the Canada, EURCAD jump for more than 60 points on the CA CPI release.

Buy 1 on CA CPI [m/m]

CA CPI [m/m]    0.3% (-0.1%)      0.4 %

Market are sensitive before the BoC rate decision and the low deviation -0.1 is worked to well for this report. The above average slippage also was mentioned on this report.

All links and reports per each signal you can find on the Results page.

Do not miss, cool signals coming next week starting from AU CPI on Tuesday, take a look at the calendar of the trading signals.