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We have not updated our site since 2012, putting off the long-felt need, but the growing interest in the service from global users requiring an English version of the site not only spurred us to make the international version but also helped completely revise and change the approach to the interface design and submission of information.


The political factor continues to bring volatility to the market. The activity of traders grows due to volatility, as well. I would like to think that the profit also grows, at least in our case it happened exactly: the election results (almost traditionally) fell the pound sterling by two more patterns. In addition, sales at the Canadian NFP pleased, the drop in oil was very pleasantly surprised, and Mario Draghi dotted all the i’s.


The first two days of the summer turned out to be really hot: the dollar rose almost by the pattern on Thursday and collapsed by 100 points on Friday after the publication of the USA labour market report. Why did this happen? The American currency stubbornly ignored the discrepancy between the forecast and the fact of Non-Farm Payrolls before, didn’t it?

How to Tade The News

News trading is a method of trading on financial or trading markets, which means profit is taking by a trader due to the correction of the price of a trading instrument in the consequence of an information surp


Since in 2017 we completely redesigned the site, then we bring here the previous version of the page from the previous version of the site. Authors, date and content are saved.

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Scam Unlock

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