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Forex Expert Advisor Profiter

Profiter - money management expert advisor

The archive contains Expert Advisers for MT4 and MT5 terminals.

In order to correctly install the Expert Advisor in the new MT4 bild of the terminal, you need to select the “File” menu in the open terminal, then select “Open Data Catalog” in the context menu. In the appeared directory, find the folder “MQL4” inside of Experts, put the advisor file (ex4) there MQL4 \ Experts.

Каталог MQL4 где находится

Каталог MQL4 Experts

Restart the terminal or update the list of advisers in the browser window.

If you have any nuances, make sure that the advisor is loaded correctly.

Please share your observations in the comments.

It should be recalled that the work of the autoclick is not related to the work of advisers. This is a specific software, it is external, and does not interact with technical changes in the terminals.

On this page you can download an advisor that will help you after you have entered the market. He can instantly control your open position:

  1. The adviser will take all orders without the magic number for the currency pair on which it is set.
  2. Close several levels of Take Profit.
  3. It does not interfere with the work of other advisers (if other advisors put a Magic Number).
  4. Set stop-loss at the break-even point.
  5. Your profit levels are not visible to the broker.
  6. The adviser works both with four and five signs. Adjustments should not be made.

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that the adviser will take all the manual transactions that were or will be opened by you on the set currency pair.

Your manual open positions will be closed if the Stop Loss or Take Profit level satisfies the adviser settings you have entered.


The adviser was created for this purpose, to manage manual positions. 


[!] If the activation of the advisor leads to the closing of the terminal, then you have an old terminal build. In this case, we recommend that you update it. The build version of the terminal can always be viewed in the "Help", "About the program" section. There will also be information about a possible update.

At the moment, a new and necessary build 419.

On the “General” tab of the advisor settings, you need to check:

IN THE SECTION “Live Trading”

To allow the advisor to trade: yes 

Manual confirmation: no


To allow import of functions from the DLL: yes

Manual confirmation: no


To allow export from external experts: yes


1_profitThe level of the first level of the take profit, especially when this level of profit is reached in points, the part of the lot specified in the close_lot  variable will be closed
potom_zakryvat_kagdyeStep to the next closing of the part of the order by take profit. The part of the order from the close_lot variable is closed. It is indicated in the points.
close_lotPart of the lot that will be closed by the advisor.
Kogda_stavit_bezubytokProfit in points, when it is necessary to set stop loss to the break-even level (at the level of market entry price).
Kuda_stavit_bezubytokProfit in points, to the level of which it is necessary to set a breakeven (may be 0, that is, the entry point)
LossStop loss level
Font_colorColour to display the information on your chart.


For example: the advisor will close 0.1 lot at the first profit of 10 points, then it will close 0.1 lot every 5 points of profit, that is, your position will be closed at +10, then at +15, then +20, + 25, +30 and so on, on your lot, which you entered the market, will not end.

Also, with a profit of +6, the advisor will put the stop loss at the market entry level, and that is, at your breakeven level.

At - 30 loss points, the adviser will close the position.