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Our results


In this section, you can find the results of trading signals, you will find:

  • Screenshots posted by both users and administrators
  • Lists of transmitted signals, price reaction, according to which you can check it in any trading terminal
  • Monitoring of some accounts that do not contain unnecessary transactions, but only signal ones (they are created as examples, most our accounts can also contain personal transactions not related to the work of news autoclick). The problem with monitoring is also in the name of the brokers that we need to hide. If we post a name of the brokers - traders will kill them quickly with news trading tools, but we need to make all for good long life of the news working brokers. 
  • Video with some examples of work at the time of publication of economic indicators.

Please note that your results may differ from the given results of other traders, since the news trading is affected not only by the software operation factor, but also by the broker's action factor and, most importantly, by the trader’s activity factor too. To avoid unnecessary mistakes or to get “faster experience,” we could recommend you pay attention to our free trading school, which is organized in the form of theoretical and, most importantly, practical case studies.

Some signals may not be included in the results, only for the reason that they were not included in our standard trading plans and were added for traders on individual or group requests. Alternatively, they contained high risks that we did not recommend to accepts, but users still wanted to receive them at any cost (we do not say that it is bad at certain moments, especially when you already have some experience). 

Our results

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Real Account 2018


Unfortunately, we spend a bit of time on public accounts, as we use our funds in managing mixed accounts, which contain not only instant news transactions.