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A. Trading in the Forex market is very risky and may not be suitable for all investors. A high level of leverage can harm you, since it allows using excessive funds in trading.

B. Before making a decision to invest in foreign currency or another risky asset, you must carefully analyze your investment objectives, level of experience and appetite for risk. There is a possibility that you can lose some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading in the Forex market and consult an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts about this. The results from the past are not a guarantee for the results of the future.

C. Any information posted on this website is not an investment advice. For investment advice, you can use the services of a licensed specialist. The website is not liable for any loss or damage that may arise directly or indirectly as a result of information transmitted through the means of the website, as well as related software provided on this website.


You use, at your own risk, all services and information posted on the website, as well as the information transmitted through the related software, clearly being aware the listed factors in the “risks statement” section.

You determine by yourself whether to use or not trading signals provided by the software. You choose by yourself the degree of risk you are ready to take when trading in Forex or any other financial markets.

All information posted on the website is provided free of charge and cannot be used for commercial purposes by third parties.

The use of related software is made in the form of a subscription fee (any software access package is a subscription fee). Lifetime license packages are also a subscription fee that begins when the status of the invoice is “paid” until the provision of services and related software by the website is physically done.

The Service has the right to a mistake in the provision of data, as the information transmission passes through technical channels, using equipment, which the Service is not able to influence on.

Access to the related software is provided by generating an access login and password for each User individually.

The transfer of a Username or password for the use of software to third parties is strictly prohibited and can be punished by a User account lockout, software access blocking, as well as additional penalties that are calculated on the basis of formula: twentyfold amount of the current subscription fee for a specific login and access password


A. In accordance with the law on the protection of consumers' rights, both the User and the Service have the right to terminate the service agreement unilaterally before the expiry of its term. Therewith, a number of conditions must be met that do not contradict the legislation and the terms of the concluded agreement.

B. These conditions include:

i. Inability to provide service to the User;

ii. The User has lost the need for this service, and this refusal of use can be premature and natural.

C. Termination of the agreement before the expiry of 14 days from the moment of the service activation is considered to be premature. Premature refusal to use the service is carried out with the return of funds paid by the User through the recalculation of the term of use. The used term of the service is deducted from the amount of funds that were refunded according to the formula of deduction of the amount of payment for each used day of the daily service cost from the total cost of the standard monthly fee.

D. A request for termination of the service agreement after 14 days from the moment of activation of the service is considered to be natural. Natural refusal is not accompanied by a return of the paid funds, and the Service guarantees the operability and provision of the service until the end of the service term.

E. In case of premature cancellation, the User must notify the Service in writing (via e-mail or ticket system on the Service website) about the intention to refuse the use of the service, and the Service, in order to level fraudulent operations, has the right to request from the User:

i. Identity documents in order to prevent a repeated order of services by the User. This requirement is not mandatory, but it may influence the decision on further provision of the services of the Service.

ii. A list of all addresses, the access to the software is made with.

iii. Documents confirming the information of the client's questionnaire which is filled in at the moment of the initial activation of the first service by the Service and related products.

F. In addition, to carry out a refund, the client's questionnaire must contain correct and accurate information about the User. Otherwise, the given operation will be regarded as fraudulent within the framework of the current legislation.

G. In case of natural refusal of the service, the service is provided in full until the moment of its termination without refund (also discounted for more than 50% products are not refundable) unless otherwise agreed between the User and the Service.


A. The only paid service of the Service is an access to the functionality of the software related to the Service. All other services can be provided on a volunteer basis on the initiative of the Service or upon agreement with the User.

B. The service is provided as a result of providing access in the form of a login and password for software that the User can download in his (her) personal account after receiving an activation letter from the Service.

C. The activation letter is sent within 24 hours from the receipt of payment in favor of the Service on working days (of the standard five-day work week (Monday - Friday)) or within 48 hours from the receipt of payment on weekends and holidays.

D. The User chooses by himself the tariff plan of the subscription fee (which may differ in terms of providing access to the software and its functionality).

E. After choosing, a payment invoice is created for the User. It can always be found in the User’s personal account on the Service's website.

F. The invoice is to be paid within 7 days from the moment of its formation by any of the available methods declared on the website.

G. The activation fee is not charged.

H. The service has the right to charge an additional fee for providing additional administrative services only in case of mutual agreement of the parties.

5. USE

A. The use of the website and the related software is carried out in accordance with the rules of the service.

B. All comments, except comments on the forum, posted on the site, can be checked. The term and time of the check of comments is not regulated.

C. Comments on the website cannot be used for a provision of the individual consultations. Individual consultations or technical support is provided only through the means of the ticket system of the User's personal account.

D. The moderator has the right to reject comments containing:

 i. Unprintable expressions, including “light” ones and “hints”.

ii. Aggression, disrespect, rudeness and indulgence towards the other participants in the discussion. Racial discrimination or any other kind of discrimination on the basis of sex or any other sign.

 iii. Advertising.

 iv. Facts, unconfirmed by the website’s administration, about the recommendations for trading of other traders.

 v. Questions that are described in the instructions, training materials, FAQ and so on, which duplicate the information already provided or described on the website.

 vi. Questions related to the technical side of the trading (a support service was created for this).

 vii. Facts and assumptions which are not true.

 viii. Questions and complaints, which contain clearly signs of incorrect actions of the trader.

 ix. Text which duplicates already posted comments.

 x. Text which does not contain useful information that does not correspond to the topic. Flood. “Oh, heh, if ...”, etc.

 xi. The message is aimed at sharing personal data of Users.

 xii. Questions like: “Name your broker”, “How much you earn” and so on, implicitly referring to advertising or violating the generally accepted etiquette of behavior.

 xiii. Whole sentences outlined in uppercase font (enabled CapsLock).

E. The comment system on the website is created, in the first place, so that Users can share information among themselves, as well as share trading experience and trading results, tell about their results.

F. The comment system on the website is also created in order to promptly communicate information about the operation of the Service to all Users simultaneously.

G. It is prohibited to talk about brokers, dealing centers or other broker institutions. Any participants of such associations outside the website can be identified and blocked on the Service's website.


a. The User, in accordance with the current law on the protection of consumers' rights, can access the Service through an e-mail or ticket system of the website with complaints to the quality of the services provided.

b. The Service handles the User's complaint within the time limit and in accordance with the rules provided for by the support service procedure. In addition, it notifies the User about the status of his (her) complaint.


A. Using the website, as well as the related software of the Service, you agree, by your own will and in your own interests, to the following ways of processing your personal data:

 i. Collection, record, systematization, accumulation, storage, refinement (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, removal, destruction of personal data.

B. The personal information in this Policy means:

 i. Information provided by the User himself, including personal information of the User. Such data can be provided both when registering the User on the website and when in the future editing the profile, filling out an order, contacting customer support.

 ii. Data transmitted in automatic mode. In this case, we can talk about IP, cookie, parameters and settings of Internet browsers, the location of the User, his (her) actions, etc. Unlike personal data, such information is depersonalized and therefore does not refer to the composition of personal data.

C. Objectives of the personal data processing: conduct of marketing, statistical and other studies based on the depersonalized data, etc.

D. The Service is not responsible for the completeness and relevance of information about Users. For this purpose, the right to edit it should be given to each User. Consent to the personal data processing may be revoked by the User at any time by contacting the support service of the Service through the ticket system provided in the User's personal account. The Service has the right, without agreement with the User, to change the security policy only in the direction of its enhancement and improvement (security).

E. The Service guarantees the safety and inviolability of the User's personal confidential information.


A. Service is not responsible for the safety of the User's data and does not compensate for losses related to the loss of data.

B. The Service cannot guarantee the quality of the work of the channels and networks outside the area of its responsibility.

C. In the event of damage to the User's equipment and the influence of the User's foreign devices on this equipment, the Service is not responsible for the quality of the services provided.

D. The Service shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the User in connection with the use of information and website functionality, as well as related software.


a. Service has the right for objective reasons to change the cost of services provided. It notifies the User about this by means of an e-mail or leaving a message in the User's personal account.


A. The User can receive information on additional services provided by the Contractor, the procedure for providing services, existing tariffs on the Service's website.

B. Еhe User can contact the support service to resolve issues related to the quality of service, technical support, obtain information on administrative issues, as well as to order additional services.

C. Service hours of the Service in terms of concluding agreements and providing services for connection to the service:

 i. Monday to Friday from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm UTC.